We ensure that all coaches and assistants are Disclosure and Barring Service cleared and have completed a Child Safeguarding course prior to any participation in training and coaching the children, as well as attending regular FA courses for coaching career development, thus ensuring the children have the best and most up to date training available.

For general Respect guides please view the website under the heading Parents and Guardians, however, further guides can be found at The FA.com.

Tanya Beresford
Child Protection Officer
Holbeach United Community Sports Academy

07801655274 – tanya.beresford@infotelsolutions.co.uk






Using club webpage’s, social networks, email and texts.

Within football we want you to use social networks, the internet, texts and email safely to get the information you need. We have produced the guidance below to keep us all safe and to ensure that we respect each other.

Anti-Bullying Policy for Football Clubs

This club commits to ensure our website websites and/or social networking pages are being used appropriately and any online bullying will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately in line with procedures detailed in this policy.

Photography Guidelines

Who is allowed to take pictures of children (under 18s) playing sport and in particular what parents/carers are permitted to do. The FA would like to assure parents, carers, coaches, spectators, players and local media that we encourage the taking of appropriate images of children in football.

Responsible use of Social Networking Sites

The following guidance is provided not as an obstacle but to support clubs and leagues to manage their safeguarding responsibilities effectively.

Responsible use of text, email and social networking sites

Whilst the internet brings many benefits and opportunities it also opens up some new risks and challenges. That’s why The FA has teamed up with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre to promote online safety and vigilance.

Summary of Best Practice Guidance

Alongside the very beneficial aspects of modern communication technologies we have to recognise that there are also increased risks to children and young people. These risks must be appropriately managed.

In order to aid the FA campaign to increase Safeguarding awareness in football, HUCSA is pleased to present this small news item which we hope will help.



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